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Snappy Photo

620 N. Rock Road Ste230 #150

Derby, KS 67037




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Snappy Photo


620 N. Rock Road Ste230 #150

Derby, KS



tel: 316-942-8777

toll free: 866-201-0544

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Digital scans of negatives or slides


We take the time to do it right. Each negative or slide is viewed and adjustments made for density to give you a good clean scan. Every effort is made to clean your negative or slide to minimize dust and dirt on the image. If however for some reason they are in very poor condition, i.e. very dirty or scratched or faded you may want to consider our restoration services or alternatively we will run your images thru our proprietary Photoshop actions that will improve color, contrast, tone, dust and scratches for most scans.


Minimum order is 10 scans. All 35mm negatives must be in a strip of at least 2 negatives. All negatives on that strip will be scanned. APS rolls must be in their cassette and will all be scanned.


Scanning prices vary widely depending on the original negative size, the resolution we scan them at, and the number of scans you are ordering. It???s best if you bring in your negatives or slides and we can give you a more accurate estimate of the cost to scan them.



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