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Snappy Photo


160 S. West Street #A Wichita, KS



tel: 316-942-8777

toll free: 866-201-0544

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Old Home movie film to DVD


At Snappy Photo we have the latest equipment to transfer those old home movies to DVD. We can do 8mm, Super 8mm silent or sound, and 16mm silent or sound.


The equipment we use gets you the best possible image from those old movies. We capture your movies one frame at a time digitally from the emulsion side of the film which is the sharpest side. The files are the taken thru a conversion process for rendering them at the right speed for playback on today???s video screens. The files are then put in a production program and titles, transitions and sound are added to the production. Then a chapter is added for each reel to allow easy access to your movies. A high quality DVD is then produced which is not copy protected to allow you to import the movies into your computer at a later date for additional editing or production.


This is a great way to archive those old home movies for future generations. Keep a copy in your safe deposit box and keep those memories alive forever. Call us with any questions and we will be happy to discuss your particular needs. 1-316-942-8777 or Toll Free at 1-866-201-0544

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