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Snappy Photo


160 S. West Street #A Wichita, KS



tel: 316-942-8777

toll free: 866-201-0544

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SD cards and digital video to DVD


Your new camera, iphone, ipad or other device now takes movies but you don???t know what to do with them after you???ve captured them. You can look at them on your camera but how can you get them to a DVD for all the family to see and to keep with all your family memories?


Snappy Photo now offers a service that will take all those short clips and put them into a DVD that can be viewed on any TV with a DVD player or even on your computer. We can add titles and even add still shots in your movies as well. So don???t let those precious movie memories just die on your SD card, bring them in and well make a Blockbuster movie out your clips.


We can also handle digital movie files from other cards and cameras that capture movies directly. We can even show you how to get those movies off your iphone or other smart phone.


Call us or come by with any questions and we will be happy to discuss your particular needs.


1-316-942-8777 or Toll Free at 1-866-201-0544


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